Corrective Care Wellness, Inc
Corrective Care Wellness, Inc 

Our Children

"Our first pregnancy was an unexpected, pleasant surprise.....but losing our baby was devastating.  We wanted to be prepared next time. There were serious complications and we wanted to be sure that if there was anything we could do to improve our health for the future prospects of parenthood, we would be prepared. 


We  both turned over a new leaf and worked with our Care Provider to build immune function and tackle some of the negative body mechanics that had developed through the years.  You never think about what you've done to your body until it doesn't function the way you would desire anymore. 


Thankfully we were consistent with appointments and diligent in our self-care. Although there were some questionable moments, we maintained our faith in the service providers and the outcome is our beautiful baby girl. We continue our Natural Health Maintenance with Corrective Care Wellness and our entire family benefits from the wealth of knowledge provided by the Practitioners.  E.M.  Charlotte, NC