Corrective Care Wellness, Inc
Corrective Care Wellness, Inc 


with in the function of the organization have produced unthinkable results 


The Nutrient Therapy (NT) Program has benefitted multiple familes and health improvement for those diagnosed with Cancer; Heart disease; Diabetes and most recently COVID-19, have seen Phenomenal results from the NT alone. 

In 2020 CCW, Inc made the decision to step into providing guidance to youth interested in Arts and Entertainment career goals.  


To that end we've partnered with the Executive branch of Bridge Lyfe Entertainment (Lyfe= Living Your Fullest Existence).  We want our young people to have the best start and experience to achieve their goals.  


In this ever changing world, following a dream has often gotten lost beneath the importance of providing for self and possibly family.  Our youth are being forced to choose between necessity and passion for their talent.  This should not be so.  


Join us in welcoming the BLE team to the responsibilty of mentorship!!! 

Bridge Lyfe Mentors and sponsors new talent.  This 14year old female is building her portfolio and making a name for herself in the community.   

Prints of "Awaken" can be purchased and proceeds benefit the young artists scholarship fund.

We applaud our youth!!

"Eye C U"


is a piece by one of Bridge Lyfe's young and talented computer graphic artists.  

She was 12 years at the time of this work and has produced many more works of art since then... with ever growing skill.   KUDOS!!  

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